Get your dryer vents cleaned once a year for safety

Each year 16,000 fires begin in clothes dryers, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 


The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all dryer vents be cleaned annually.


Lint and other debris that build up in clothes dryers vents can also create potentially hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide. Dryer vent cleaning is often overlooked when shifting into home-improvement mode or preparing homes for winter. Homeowners are more focused with items that can be seen, like garages and gutters.


Often the most dangerous hazards are those that are undetectable without an inspection of a professional.


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Lint and other debris in dryer vents can catch on fire.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Helps Prevent Fires

Lint and other debris that build up in clothes dryers are unseen by the average eye. The buildup can cause fires and potentially hazardous conditions including carbon monoxide.The National Fire Protection Association's website has a helpful safety information page about preventing fires in clothes dryers and washers.‚Äč

NFPA Clothes Dryer Safety Tip Sheet


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