Washing Your Roof Will Keep It Healthy and Happy for Years to Come


We've all driven down the road and noticed the house with the dirty, moldy roof. Black Streaks, Lichen and Moss will shorten the life expectancy of your shingles and are the number one cause for premature roof failure. A roof that is neglected does't last long and results in expensive repairs. It's also unattractive, which can lower the value of your home. You could be at risk of losing your homeowner's insurance, too.Pals Power Washing LLC is a roof cleaner certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC).

The "before" photos we took of homes show the following destructive symptoms:


  • Black Streaks -  An airborne virus caused by humidity, moisture and shade. The virus feeds on crushed limestone from your shingles.


  • Lichen - A combination of algae and fungus that has a light, mint green color. Lichen is about the size of a silver dollar and will eventually eat away at shingles.


  • Moss - Dark green in color, very thick and retains water. Moss also grips into the surface of the shingle.


In the "after" photos, you'll notice that our roof washing process got rid of the problems.

Roof Washing Before and After

A house with a dirty roof
When we wash a roof, we make it look like new
House and garage roof that need help
House and garage roof made beautiful again
The roof of this gazebo needed help
A clean, attractive gazebo roof
Safe, nontoxic help for your roof is here


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