Pals Power Washing is already helping business owners who have dirty sidewalks caked with gum and other debris. As shown in the "before" and "after" photo above, our hot water pressure machine will help your sidewalk make a great first impression.

Outdoor cafes and markets are popular, but keeping the tables clean is only part of the job. Customers will notice whether or not your sidewalk and patio are clean, too.

We’ve all seen the black wads of gum that dot our property’s sidewalks. Whether it’s a movie theater, a restaurant, outdoor eating establishment or a retail storefront; chewed gum is everywhere you look. If left alone, it will eventually find its way into your business on the bottom of a customer’s shoe. 


In addition to the build-up of dirt and dust, sidewalks are constantly subject to staining by spilled soda, coffee, melting ice cream, leaking garbage cans and gum. The longer these stains are allowed to sit there, the more difficult they will be to remove later. 


Although time consuming, PALS uses all Environmentally Friendly products and Hot Water & Steam that can reach 250 degrees. Routine pressure washing services help maintain a clean appearance for your business.


Please feel free to contact PALS Power Washing, LLC by calling860-919-8748 or emailing so that we can consult with you about this on-going problem. Cleaning services can be scheduled during off business hours to avoid interfering with any nearby foot traffic.


Remember: A dirty entryway to your property or building can unknowingly be shaping a customer’s perception of your business.

Pal's Power Washing has just added this powerful hot water pressure washer to its professional cleaning equipment. Temperatures can reach 250 degrees to get the job done. It is an environmentally friendly machine.

Pressure Washing Services for Business Sidewalks


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