Q. Why Wash the Exterior of Your Home?


A.  A pressure washer is one of the best time saving tools to come along in years. Besides cleaning the house or a building from a dust, dirt, or bird residual, pressure washing houses should also be done when you want to prepare it for new paint by removing a chalking residue from old oil or latex paint. Whether you are preparing your home's exterior for a repainting or refinishing job, pressure washing is an excellent way to get the job done. Pals can clean sidings and trims that are grimy, dirty and have powdery residue from paint that is corroding by spraying high velocity water. Pals can pressure wash your home's sidings with or without cleaning solution mixed in the water. If you are planning on applying a new coat of paint on your home, power washing will ensure that the new paint will last longer.


 Pal's Power Washing has 20 years of experience washing all types of siding.






Q. Why Clean Your Gutters?


A. The primary purpose of gutters is to protect your house from water damage. Gutters protect the siding, doors, windows and foundation by allowing water to drain through downspouts and avoid contact with the house. When gutters and downspouts become cluttered with dirt and debris, the gutters are unable to function properly. They will eventually overflow, causing damage to your house and damage to the gutters as well. Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year, perhaps more if your house is surrounded by trees.


Pals Power Washing will clean your gutters. We will clean dirt and debris out of the gutter, remove as much of the leaves, sticks and other debris by hand depending on how wet the debris is. If it's dry we can normally use a leave blower otherwise we will use a high pressure water.


We will completely rinse out the gutters from one end to the other. We finish by cleaning out the downspouts. Spray water at the top of the drain into the downspout to ensure a free flow of water. 


Cleaning the Outside of the Gutter:

Ever notice the outside of the gutter? We have researched for many years the best practice, solution, and method to remove dirt, mold, and black stripes from the outside of the gutter. We no longer have to stand on a ladder but rather can clean the gutters to almost new in most cases.

Q. Why Clean and Restore Your Deck?


A. Deck restoration and cleaning keep decks well maintained. Deck cleaning and restoration keeps any deck looking nice and usable. Without cleaning, a deck will soon deteriorate. Even decks that are labeled as maintenance-free should be periodically cleaned and restored to keep them looking like new. Deck restoration can make the deck smoother, more usable and more resistant to fungi and molds after treatment. The boards of the deck will last many years longer, because they will be sealed against moisture The deck will also look better because it will be clean and durable. 


It is important to maintain and restore your deck whenever it starts to become weathered. Without proper care a deck will only last a few short years. Wood decks are most susceptible to neglect, but vinyl, concrete and plastic decks can also wear quickly without proper restoration and maintenance. If a deck is allowed to continue in disrepair, it is likely that it will not be able to be restored, but instead will require expensive replacement. 


Deck restoration starts with deck cleaning. The decks are washed according to the material that they are made of. All decks are pressure washed. Next the deck is inspected for damages. Rotting, cracking, splintered wood is replaced. The deck is then sanded and prepared for staining. 


The key to a properly restored deck is after it is washed and dried, the deck is sanded and properly sealed with a quality sealer.


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Q. Why Clean Concrete?


A. It is very important to clean concrete, since under many conditions slippery mold and/or mildew grows on it. Especially around an in-ground pool, water with the mold growth makes even walking very slippery. After the concrete is washed and sealed with a concrete sealer some concrete actually looks brand new after power-washing it.


Pals uses a state of the art concrete rotary brush that completes the job in half the time and thus saves you money! We also have a hot water pressure cleaner for gum removal.


We have cleaned in-ground  pool surrounds, patios, front steps and walkways, gas station pads, trash and dumpster area pads, and sidewalks, just to name a few.


Reasons Why Pal's Should Clean Buildings, Gutters, Decks and Concrete 



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