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Pal's Power Washing owner Kevin Palladino is certified to clean your deck and restore it in Unionville. Deck restoration and cleaning will make decks attractive and keep them safe to use. Even decks that are maintenance-free should be periodically cleaned and restored to keep them looking like new. Deck restoration can make the deck smoother, more usable and more resistant to fungi and molds after treatment. Many outdoor elements work against the time and money spent on beautiful decks. Wood will absorb rain, melting snow, and then soften and swell. Drying from the sun's heat will cause the wood to shrink.Unprotected wood is also subject to mildew and algae growth, rot and decay, insect attacks and other problems. Call us to take a look at your deck and find out how affordable cleaning and restoring it will be.‚Äč

Imagine how nice your wooden decks and boardwalks would be after restoration
If your deck has deteriorated, restoration will make it look as nice as this one.

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If your deck in Unionville is unattractive and has suffered damages, call us soon so it can look as nice as the ones you see on this page. Restored decks are also safer.

Kevin Palladino is the owner of Pal's Power Washing who will get the job done right the first time

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