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Get power washing to make the exterior of your buildings look like new in Terryville

Make your home look like a new home in Terryville with a visit from Pal's Power Washing.  We supply our own hot water and equipment to power wash dirty buildings, trailers, rooftops, gutters, decks, fences and sidewalks. Today's power washers can do the job in a short time. They are safe to use and we have had training and experience in proper handling. Our products are biodegradeable. Our priority is our customers' satisfaction. Give Pal's Power Washing a call today to free your home from harmful, unattractive buildups.‚Äč

A dirty home as we start power washing it
A home after power washing with hot water

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Shown are "before" and "after" photos of a house that looked neglected due to buildups of dirt and other problems. We used our newest power washing equipment to restore the exterior to its original appearance. If your home has been showing similar problems, the solution is to call Pal's Power Washing. 

Pal's Power Washing has modern, safe power washing equipment for fast service in Terryville

Call Kevin Palladino 860-919-8748 to Terryville for Fast, Affordable Power Washing

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